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Laugh with your baby from day one

Infants are intuitive and dependent on our moods, body tension, tone of voice and emotional presence.This video may surprise you - as you see just how tuned in they are to their emotional connection with you! Almost 60% of parents do not realize that babies are impacted by the arguing or stress of adults around them. When they witness anger or yelling, the impact to their body is the same as if the anger is aimed directly at them. Only 30% of parents realize that a baby can experience sadness and fear by the age of 6 months. Infants are tuned into adult sadness and moods! Lighten up and have fun. Laugh more with your baby! Laughter calms stress, soothes tension, improves the immune system, can relieve pain and improve your mood. Shared laughter and bonding is the best thing for baby, too.

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