Consultant, Author, Speaker


Dr. Masterson is an early childhood education expert who addresses best practices in child development, high-quality teaching strategies, and responsive caregiving.  She speaks on a range of topics including classroom management, play-based learning, and children's social-emotional development and learning. 


As a child behavior expert, her engaging and inspirational messages include advocacy for children's mental health, sensitive and effective responses to stress and trauma, and research-based strategies to boost self-regulation and social skills in young children. As a highly regarded practical author, she has developed a widely held reputation as a motivational speaker.

Dr. Masterson is available as a speaker and consultant for the following: 

  • Keynote, workshop and professional development trainings 

  • Responsive parenting training

  • Organization, group and individual consulting

  • Training documents and technical assistance







The skills and tools provided through this book have become a permanent fixture in my arsenal. These tools are more than just methods and philosophies, but truly a roadmap to improve the quality of life, self-esteem, and future of every single child that we encounter.

Valerie Bundy, District Manager, KinderCare


Your approach to responsive, developmentally appropriate discipline has been long overdue. It is a wonderful training tool. Your message is candid, practical and embodies foundations of best practice. THANK YOU!! You found a way to bring the concept of real responsive care to life.
State Head Start Trainer, Illinois


Although I have been in the education field for 30 years, this experience has empowered and re-vitalized me in the importance of training my staff to use positive discipline techniques. Dr. Masterson has been wonderful mentor and has inspired me to become a model and trainer of the discipline techniques at my preschool/day care center.

Center Director, Kempsville, VA


I wanted to let you know how much your seminar influenced me as a teacher. I have now changed the way I manage my classroom in a more positive manner. The children are responding in such an amazing way. They now take responsibility for their actions and feel proud of their accomplishments!
You have such a powerful message to share. I hope many have the opportunity to hear your experiences and your teachings. 

Licensed Teacher, St. Charles, IL





I tried everything else. Then I realized I needed to change myself. This book helped me transform my relationships with my children and change the atmosphere of our home. My discipline went from nagging to inspiring.

Anne Smith


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS BOOK. I wish this book had been written before I had my first son. I could have saved so much time and frustration by reading this ONE over all the others I've read.

Sarah Duncan


Not only did this approach help me become a more effective father, but it made our relationships more fun. I learned how to step up and become influential in my children’s lives.

Mark Proud