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The following resources will revitalize your work and teaching with young children.

Resources & Handouts provided by Marie Masterson PhD.

In a world that is constantly changing and in spite of challenges, one thing remains a constant. Children thrive in the presence of caring teachers who guide rich and meaningful experiences to satisfy children's curiosity and light their passion for learning. In the early years, you have a lasting influence in the lives of children and families - by building strong partnerships of trust and fostering a community of caring. In a child-centered classroom, children gain the skills they need for their current learning journey and for a life-long path of discovery and impact. You'll need practical skills that work to create a thriving program. Please let me know if there are other resources your program needs to encourage and equip your leaders, teaching staff, families, and children. 

Check out the book resources on the BOOKS page to help you be your best self and empower you to be effective in each area of influence. In addition, the resources below may be copied and distributed within your organization. Let me know how I can support your program's continuous quality improvement plan and your ongoing personal and professional growth. 

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Session PP - Strengthening Infant and Toddler Teaching with DAP

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